Player settings

Learn how to change chat and product settings in the Bambuser dashboard

From the dashboard, click on the show you want to modify and you will be taken to the Setup screen. From there, click on the Player Settings field to see your player options. There are three types of player settings: 

  • Chat
  • Player
  • Curtains


The curtains feature is not available in the Bambuser One-to-Many Starter plan.

The first two options, chat and player, are made up of checkboxes. Click to enable or disable the settings as required. If a setting is enabled, there will be a checkmark next to it.

The third section, curtains, is where you can add custom images for your pre-show, post-show, and pause screens. You can find more information on customizing screens/curtains‍ here.

Your player settings can be different depending on which version of Bambuser Live Video Shopping you are using. 

The basic settings include: 

Hide chat when live

Disables the chat functionality during the live show.

Hide chat in replay

Viewers will be able to chat during the live event, however, as soon as the live show is over, the chat will be hidden in the recorded version of a show.

Manually approve comments

When live, an Admin will have to manually approve all comments before they get published for everyone else to see. Important note: once this setting has been applied and the show has gone live you cannot change this setting. 

Hide viewer count (default setting: on)

When live, your audience will not be able to see how many viewers are watching the show. The viewer count will still be displayed to the host and in the moderate view on the dashboard.

Hide prices on product highlights

This setting is subject to cart integration‍. if you want prices to be displayed within a show it requires you to implement price hydration (read more in our Player API Reference‍). 

Once implemented, you will have the choice to show or hide the prices on product highlights. 

Allow replays (default setting: on) 

Allows viewers to re-watch the recorded version of the live show as soon as it's over.