Network FAQ

How do we verify if the network is good for the host?

We recommend testing your internet connection on

We have written a guide on how to verify the host's internet connection.

What is the recommended upload speed?

When broadcasting live video, uplink (upload) speed is more important than download speed.

We recommend that your host's upload speed is at least 7 Mbps to achieve the highest video resolution. You can verify this on

How many simultaneous viewers can Bambuser's live video shopping handle?

On the viewer side, the server is designed to increase capacity as the load increases. 
This capacity delivery is guaranteed by the provider as part of their delivery agreement. In the event that your video generates that level of viewership, that figure is within the capacity that our system is designed to handle.
One thing that you might need to look at from your side is that a high number of viewers purchasing in your webshop may place higher loads on your server which is outside of Bambuser's control.