Moderating show / Dashboard FAQ

How do we avoid spam/trolls in the chat, and what do we do if it happens?

Bambuser will automatically block any words that are on our Profanity Blacklist.

What is more important, the moderator of the show also has the ability to block any user and delete any comment, if needed.
For extreme caution, you can decide to manually approve all comments when setting up a show in the dashboard.

Can the same moderator highlight products and moderate chat?

Yes, but we strongly recommend that there is one moderator for each function.

Can we have multiple people moderating a live show from the dashboard at the same time?

Yes, you can basically have as many admins moderating the show as you need.

However, it can be difficult to coordinate if multiple people are trying to do the exact same thing simultaneously.

How big should my logo/profile image be inside the dashboard?

For a new logo to be uploaded we recommend 200x200px (our image transformer request 90x90, but we recommend a higher resolution). The logo should be centered, with the same height and weight and it is a 1MB limit.

What does "hide chat in replay means"?

Once the live shop has ended you can decide to hide or show the chat comments.

Why doesn't the scraper work properly on our product pages?

In order to scrape product information, we look for data schema as well as og: meta tags. We recommend that you follow one of the mentioned approaches on your product pages. For your convenience, you can find all of them and more about product scraping here.