Mobile FAQ

Will the mobile screen auto-lock during a live show?

No, it won’t. However, there is nothing that stops the user from locking the screen manually. The effect of that depends on a host's mobile operating system.

On Android, this will stop the show.

On iOS, the show is frozen and resumes if the mobile is unlocked within a few seconds.

What happens if the host by mistake ends the show instead of pausing it?

In that case, the show should be reactivated by the admin in the dashboard.

There is no need to create a new show if you want to be up and running again ASAP.

Creating a new show will also create a new show ID that is not linked to your current CTA by default.

Why the video doesn't start automatically?

For iOS users: Please make sure you don't have "Low Power Mode" turned on on your device, as it disables the autoplay function.