Login FAQ

What are the correct steps to log in?

To log in:
1. Navigate to https://lcx.bambuser.com and request a magic link to log in.

2. Make sure you use the same email that you are invited to the dashboard with.

3. Open your email inbox.

4. Open the latest Bambuser email.

5. Check the date/time of the email delivery and make sure it’s the most recent email you have received.

6. Click on the link which should navigate you to the dashboard

Why do I get an empty screen when I try to log in to the Dashboard?

This could be caused by a firewall on your internet connection at your office. Try with your personal Home wifi or Mobile 4G internet.

If it works with your personal internet, then you need to contact your office network administrator.

We are using Google Firebase Services which should be whitelisted on your firewalls.

Why didn’t I receive an email when I requested a Magic Link?

Make sure that you are sending the Magic Link request to the same email address that was invited to the dashboard.

Why can’t I login using the Android app?
This is a known issue on our Android app. While we are trying to fix that, you may have to log in using a password. If you have not set a password for your account, you can use the “Forgot Password?” option here.
Otherwise, contact Bambuser Support.

I am unable to sign in with a Magic Link

  • The magic links are single-use. If you have used them before, request a new one on https://lcx.bambuser.com/global
  • Make sure you are trying to use the most recent magic link that has been sent from us.  You can check the time you have received the email.
  • If you get a white screen when you open the Magic Link, it could be because Google Cloud servers are blocked on your network. Try using your 4G mobile network to verify this. Then contact your IT admin to fix that.

I can log in, but I can only see my profile.

The reason for this might be because you have been invited as a 'Host'. Hosts can only broadcast, using the App, to the assigned shows

How do I set a password, so I do not always have to request a "Magic Link"?

  1. By clicking on "Use password" on the dashboard login page.
  2. Click on "Forgot Password",
  3. Enter your registered e-mail,
  4. Open link from the email and reset the password,
  5. Load dashboard login page again
  6. Click on "Use password" and use email and password to log in.