Integration / Embedding FAQ

Can I embed the live video on other websites than my own?

You can embed the video on any website, but if your integration is dependent on the integrations to your website's native cart, the add-to-cart functionality won't work.

Localizations relying on settings on your website won't work either. Therefore, if you want to enable that functionality, you will have to adjust your integration codes.

Can we have multiple shows with countdowns on our site concurrently?

You can have as many shows on your website as you'd like. Each show will have its own ID (found in the dashboard) and you can link it to its own CTA. How to do that, can be found here.

Can we use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to embed the player?

You can inject the JavaScript part of the embed code via GTM, but that only enables the ability to open the player, it does not add any trigger button that would actually allow the user to open the player (this can be a button or a clickable image or whatever).

If the desired trigger element exists on the page - if a button was added via the site's CMS, for example - then the embed code can be slightly adjusted to attach to that element and work even when injected via GTM. You can remove the `node` part of the embed code which causes the player to open up automatically when the user arrives at the page (i.e. not clickable element necessary).

I can't add to cart / A problem with the product cart during a test.

  1. If you are doing a test on your test-embed site, you should use the test products (from your test site) and not the products from your official e-commerce site. Meaning, you should update the products inside your Bambuser Dashboard for the given show. Otherwise, the issue will occur.
  2.  If you are doing a test on your production site, and you are using products with a "hidden" URL inside your Bambuser Dashboard the issue will occur.

What browsers does the Bambuser Live Shopping player work on?

The player works on all modern browsers except, Internet Explorer,l iOS Safari10, and older.