Chat FAQ

Can а host see the chat messages?

Yes, the broadcasting app displays comments for the host. Note that the interface is going slightly different for the host.

How will a viewer be notified if we block them in the chat?

The viewer will not be notified once the moderator blocks them.

A viewer being blocked will not notice and they can continue to post in the chat. However, their posts will only visible to themselves and not to anyone else.

Is there a limit on how many chat messages can be displayed in the player?

To prevent the chat from becoming flooded, when there are thousands of viewers chatting at the same time, we limit the number of messages displayed in the video player to 2 posts per second.

Is there a way to download the video from a show with the chat on the screen?

No, there is only direct of downloading a raw file of the video. That can be done inside the moderate view in Bambuser Dashboard.

What words are blacklisted in the player/chat by Bambuser?

You can find the profanity blacklist here.

Why is there a delay in chat messages from the host?

Chat messages from both the host and moderator are always synced with the actual point of time in the video. This means that if a viewer is on a 10s delay compared to the host streaming the show, the viewer will see chat messages from the host with the exact same delay as the video.

Will the chat still work if the video/network goes down for the host?

Yes. If the host loses connectivity during a live show, viewers will still be able to chat.

Is it possible to send a link in the chat?

Yes, and if you add 'https://' in front of the URL it will be clickable as well.