Landing Page

Create a landing page right from the Bambuser dashboard


Can't find this feature on your dashboard? If you like to enable this in your organization, reach out to your point of contact at Bambuser.

Instead of adding each of the shows to your website manually, you can create a Landing Page and manage it directly from the Bambuser Dashboard.

With the Landing Page feature, now you can:

  • Create a Landing Page in the Bambuser Dashboard
  • Add shows to a Landing Page
  • Change Landing Page settings
    • Display featured show
    • Display upcoming shows
    • Display ended shows
  • Customize Landing Page design to suit your company branding

Steps to integrate landing pages:

  1. Create a Landing Page in the dashboard
  2. Copy the landing page embed code from the dashboard
  3. Place the embed code on your website
  4. Configure the player config as you would when using the regular player embed
  5. Add the shows you want to have on your landing page from the dashboard
  6. The shows will now be seen on your site where the landing Page is embedded

Landing pages visual flow example: 

This is just an example and can vary depending on your landing Page Settings setup

Before going live:

After adding a Landing Page on your website and configure it in the dashboard you can expect to see:

  • Featured show CTA
  • Ended shows library CTA cards

During the live show:

The current live show will get a preview image with a "Live" label and a CTA play button.

After the live:
The show that just ended goes to the bottom (Ended shows section) and if there is an upcoming show, that one gets featured.