Floating Action Button Integration

Add the Floating Action Button widget to your website


Customizing the Floating Action Button is not available in the Bambuser One-to-Many Starter plan.

In order to get as many visits to a live show as possible, you can embed this widget to all, or to selected pages on your website. The widget will become visible to all the users browsing your website when a live show is happening.

  • Lets visitors on your e-commerce site know you’re live
  • Automatically presents a video preview from your live show
  • Present this widget on any page where you can run javascript

You can also perform A/B testing and limit the widget visibility to a selected group of your customers.

Getting started

Setting up your FAB

Login to your Bambuser Live Shopping(LVS) dashboard. Click on the “Widgets” navigation in the menu to navigate your organization's FAB settings.

Embedding the FAB

On your FAB settings page, press the Copy button in the Embed part found on this page. This copies the embed code, which can then be inserted on any page where you want to present the FAB.

Tip: if you want to present this FAB on multiple pages, or based on other rules, it’s a good idea to include this script either globally on your site, or include this script in your Google Tag Manager(or alike).

How to use it

On your FAB settings page, you can select a show which should be presented in the FAB when the show is live. You can also select a specific show which should be used in the FAB on a specific show’s setup page in the “Floating action button” section.

When this show is live and the FAB embed code is available on the current page you’re currently on the FAB will now be displayed*. When pressing the FAB one of the following things will happen depending on your sites LVS configuration:

a) The user will be redirected to your predetermined Live Video Shopping landing page where the full Live Video Shopping experience will be automatically played.

b) The LVS player will be initiated and shown on the page where the FAB is currently presented. In order for this to happen the website needs to have the LVS player configured globally.

When the FAB has been interacted with then the widget will be presented in a "condensed" mode and the Session Storage key _bamls_fwc will be set.

* Depending on A/B testing patterns the widget might not be visible to some user groups based on the _bamls_usid web browser cookie.

Example usage

By copying the code you can find on your dashboard and use it on your webpage the floating action button will appear when the show connected to FAB is live. Please note that this widget uses slow polling functionality and at even intervals fetches a show's state, which means that it might take some time(max 60s) for the FAB to show up on your website after your show have gone live.

(function(d, t, i, w) {
  window.__bfwId = w;
  if (d.getElementById(i) && window.__bfwInit) return window.__bfwInit();
  if (d.getElementById(i)) return;
  var s, ss = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0];
  s = d.createElement(t); [s.id](http://s.id/) = i;
  s.src = 'https://lcx-widgets.bambuser.com/embed.js';
  ss.parentNode.insertBefore(s, ss);
})(document, 'script', 'bambuser-liveshopping-widget', 'YOUR-UNIQUE-FAB-ID');