External Cameras

How to set up and use external RTMP-compliant gear with Bambuser


These features are not available in Bambuser One-to-Many Starter.

*Please make sure that your Bambuser Dashboard has this feature enabled. If not, contact your client manager to request it.

Brief overview

Bambuser not only offers the possibility to stream straight from your mobile device, but we also offer the possibility to use a more advanced setup with the use of external gear. By using RTMP compliant software and hardware you will be able to have even more control and options producing your Liveshows. It is as easy as you only need to copy and paste the keys that are provided via the Dashboard when you create your show.
The standard source will be the app since we still believe that this is the most convenient and easiest way for you to create a Live Video Shopping experience. But for those who have the knowledge and/or wish to do a more ‘professional’ set up they choose ‘External camera’ from the drop-down menu.

                Here is how it works.

Our Recommendation

To set it up is as easy as using CTRL+C & CTRL+V. The real magic is what you do with those sweet RTMP-compliant gears of yours. This may require professional expertise and experience to set up the needed equipment.

We recommend you involve a production agency if you are considering broadcasting a Live Show using external cameras.


When using external cameras you need to be aware that we only support streaming in portrait mode. So the requirements of your video output have to be:

  • In a 9:16 format
  • A maximum of 30fps
  • A resolution of 720p
  • The maximum bitrate of 3,000 kbps

Noteworthy: Each show created has a unique RTMP key. So the formula goes like this:

  • One RTMP key per ShowId


1) Create a show

2) On the Setup page navigate to ‘Video Source’ and choose External Cameras from the dropdown menu

3) You will now be presented with the option to ‘Generate Stream Key’. Press that button to continue.

*Notice that when External cameras are selected, the ability to choose a host for the show will be removed.

4) When you press ‘Generate Stream Key’ you will be presented with a pop-up containing the information you need to input on your RTMP compliant setup. Just copy and paste the information into whatever broadcasting system you use.

5) Now when you choose to start streaming from your broadcast system the Liveshow will start. So make sure you have uploaded your products, and are ready to moderate your show! When you stop streaming from your broadcast system the show will end.